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Robert D.

   "Catherine Millman is a true gift and blessing, I would highly recommend her and her services. Prior to working with Catherine, I felt like I didn’t fit, that I was perpetually lost and in a funk where I couldn’t seem to get myself together. Catherine restored my hope as she was able to help me identify my high level of intuition that previously caused me to feel overloaded and shut down when surrounded by too much stimulus. Catherine’s gifts and abilities are second to none and I high recommend her to anyone especially to those of us who feel lost, confused or who are grieving … her abilities are unbelievable."

Stacey RRT

   "Catherine is an amazing resource for many things. I highly recommend her guidance and healing sessions as they have worked wonders. After only one healing session of removing negative energy, I felt better than I have in a very long time. I felt like a burden had been lifted off of me. She has also helped me make a connection with my late dad. She is very gifted and caring and I look forward to working with her again."

Lindsay, R.D.H., B.S.

   "I learned about Catherine and intuitive therapy from a new friend during a service trip ... Having severe generalized anxiety, I knew at that point I needed to schedule a session with Catherine as soon as possible ... But I lived 6 hours away from her office! When I called Catherine she graciously spoke to me over the phone and we began our first session together! Since then my anxiety has slowly subsided, I am understanding my empathic daughter like I never have before, and we are continuing to work on understanding how to live in less anxiety with these feelings that I never knew where they came from. Although for myself, I wish I could have in person sessions, the next best thing is speaking to Catherine over the phone for personalized sessions!"

Michael, Business Owner

   "Catherine is amazing! She has been a wonderful gift to me and has helped me to let go of so much negative energy from my past. As a result I am fully alive, energized, and operating on a higher level in all aspects of my life."

Melissa, Massage Therapist and Healer

   "Catherine is one of the most beautiful and compassionate souls I have ever met! She is loving and caring, and always knows exactly what you need to get you past a blockage that you may be carrying which can set you free once and for all. She reminds you that you are strong and powerful, and can get past anything that comes your way, and she doesn't back away from helping you get there. Not only is she an amazing Medium and Healer, but she is one of the most wonderful Medical Intuitive's I have ever seen! She knows exactly where your pain is and goes right to it with her incredible energy and healing abilities, as well as her intuitive ability to see what the cause may be. Catherine is truly a blessing, and I am forever grateful she is in my life!"

Georgia, RN, Business Owner

   "Catherine not only saved my life, but she helped me see the light being that I am. Can I describe what she does? No. I just know that in her presence I feel love, and great joy, and am able to see myself. Catherine is an empath. She is able to see issues, traumas, blocks, etc. that not in our consciousness. Her work is far more in depth than any talking therapy where all that is available is what one is aware of. In addition she has huge repertoire of skills to clear the issues energetically not simply intellectually. Do I actually know what she does? No. I know the results! Because of Catherine, my abundance and happiness have increased far beyond my imagination. "

Barbara, Coach

   "There are very few people who are able to take root in someone’s life swiftly in order create an atmosphere of trust necessary for true change. If you are reading this and want lasting change in your life, then you have found someone who will knock your socks off! Catherine’s deep love and compassion is more comforting than any blanket you could wrap yourself in. Her talent is literally indescribable! She was able to establish a safe and trusting connection with the deepest part of myself which has allowed me to make amazing changes in a short amount of time! She has uncovered some issues that have been sabotaging my success for years. And in a few sessions, has allowed me to heal from old wounds AND begin truly focusing on my Life’s Passion!"

Dawn Christman, Chiropractor - Author of A STATE OF GRACE: A Grieving Mom's Story of Finding Comfort and Peace

(Catherine's work with the Christman family is touched upon in this book)

   "As a chiropractor I am always open to learn of other types of practitioners to possibly refer patients to. I'd heard about Catherine through a friend of mine and decided to see exactly what she did. I told myself that if Catherine picked up on a particular physical issue I was dealing with, without me mentioning it, then she was the real deal. Well, she passed the test and then some. Since then I've referred several others to her. A few years later I called on Catherine for a different reason. My oldest son was killed. My younger son was with him. I was looking for someone to help my younger son as well as help my husband deal with the anger he had towards God and the world. Catherine graciously gave my family 2 hours at our home. It made a huge impact on my entire family to begin the healing process. She connected with our angel son and helped to explain the bigger picture of God's plan. We are forever grateful for Catherine and her gifts."

Jacque, ARA Fraud & Forensic Services

   "Catherine worked with me to identify and clear away the negative energies that my body was holding. I had a visible and painful lump on the right side of my neck and had thyroid nodules on the left side. After two sessions with Catherine, the lump on the right side of my neck, which had been present for well over 4 months, completely disappeared and the pain was gone. I had continued to work with Catherine on a regular basis to address various areas of my life that I wanted to improve. For the first time in my life, I finally felt alive and learned how to just 'be' as a result of my work with Catherine. In January when I had my follow up ultrasound to check the thyroid nodules, the Dr. told me the nodules were gone and looked a little surprised. Since I started my journey with Catherine a year ago, I can honestly say I am not the same person ... I was finally living the life I had always wanted ... I can now manifest the life that I have always wanted both personally and professionally. She is nothing short of amazing!"

Molly, Dog Treat Baker and part-time keeper

   "Catherine's class on, 'Being an Empath and Loving It!' was very informative. Her comments on Sensitives 'seeing the possibility of who someone can be' really stood out to me. I wanted to go to her class to understand my child. Her presentation helped me see myself and my child from a different perspective. I also felt understood with respect to taking on other people’s emotions, teaching me how to recognize when a boundary needs to be set, and how to set a boundary. Catherine is the first person to ever 'get' - I see the possibility of who someone can be. I understand that I can still support and help friends/family without giving pieces of myself away. That still stands out to me. Thank you so much."

Michael, Project Manager

   "Wow. I don’t know where to begin or if words will do justice but let’s give this a try. Catherine and I crossed paths after a random set of circumstances unfolded. I felt it then, and has proven itself almost everyday since, that the universe conspired to bring her into my life so she could help align me with my highest self.

Catherine has assisted in the healing process of not only traumas I’ve been dealing with for a decade, but even lifetimes. She has helped me form new and healthy perspectives on troubling situations from my past, with my girlfriend, and even at work that I never would’ve seen on my own. Elevating your frequency also has its challenges as it attracts attention from those who want to feed off your light and cannot express enough gratitude to Catherine as she has gone out of her way to fit me into her schedule when something serious like this comes up.

I can not recommend Catherine any more highly and know she will be able to help any one reading this down their path. She has helped me manifest dreams into my reality and know she can do the same for you."

Tracy, Business Owner

   "I can't say enough wonderful things about Catherine and her amazing ability! My husband and I were having issues with a couple of our dogs, who were fighting. I contacted Catherine and she immediately came to our home and helped us through a very trying time. She was able to communicate directly with all three of our dogs and find out why we were having so many problems. We are forever grateful to Catherine! She was able to give us a peaceful household again. We were so impressed we had Catherine give Pet Communicator readings at our dog and cat boutique. Every customer of ours couldn't say enough great things about Catherine. They were amazed she knew so much about their pets! She helped so many of our customers with pets who were sick, ones who had behavioral problems, ones who passed, etc. She truly has an amazing gift!"

MaryAnne, Licensed Professional Counselor and Life Coach

   "My work with Catherine ... has so beautifully transformed me and my life! From the first time I met Catherine, I felt a deep connection. She exudes love, compassion and understanding, which made it easier for me to open up in our sessions and allow myself to be vulnerable. This alone is monumental since I've spent much of my life with walls around my heart as a result of childhood abuse and abandonment. But with Catherine, she gently guided me to the deepest parts of myself -- the parts that I was afraid and ashamed to look at -- and she brought me to the magnificent place of acceptance. ... I have found soaring freedom, sheer bliss, and a truly breathtaking unconditional love for myself ... I am now able to unconditionally love others and experience the most meaningful and fulfilling relationships of my life! I am forever grateful ... I am forever changed!"

Laurie, Chiropractor

   "I have worked with Catherine periodically for a few years now. Working with her has helped heal so many parts of myself. I have done much of my work with Catherine in distance sessions and have had great results in these, as well as, my in-person sessions. Catherine and her skills are gifts that have opened up many possibilities for me, moving me forward through things I didn't know I could face. I have been blessed to have her as part of my life."

Julie, Massage Therapist and Healer

   "I recently had some very overwhelming life events that led to a major crisis. I needed to be in a safe and loving environment where I knew I could get spiritual guidance and rapid understanding for myself and my loved one. I was struggling to see a path forward. I was exhausted ... she (Catherine) was able to clarify how to move forward on my journey from a stronger foundation. She was able to tap into my loved one and help me understand how to better help her. By the end of the session I felt like the weight of the world had been released from my entire body! I gained so much insight into myself and ... Catherine was nonjudgmental and compassionate, served up with nothing but the upmost nurturing self empowerment! Catherine's ability to connect to higher places and see greater goods, and help you understand how it all works, makes all the difference! I could not have gotten back on track so quickly, nor have been able to be effectively present for my loved one, without Catherine's insight."

Kristin, Health Advocate

   "I first met Catherine at an animal communication event in Wildwood, MO to find answers about my rescue dog and his past. After meeting with her, I scheduled to see her for my own medical issues. Since that time she has helped me tremendously to feel better with my pain management with her healing energy, as well as other aspects of my life, including letting go of things that were holding me back mentally from my past. When I think of Catherine, the words that come to mind are blessed, incredible, pure love, kind, peaceful, soft and yet powerful. She has deeply touched my heart and soul, and empowered me in ways I never imagined possible through her energy work. I am always amazed at how much better I feel after seeing her. Honestly, words alone cannot give tribute to the light that Catherine is for me and so many others, but when you meet her, you will find out for yourself. I can tell you, my life will never be the same after being blessed with knowing Catherine, and I thank God for bringing her into my life!!"

Amy, Business Owner

   "My primary doctor recommended I see Catherine ... From healing old wounds, removing other peoples energy that I'd either been carrying for years or that had attached to me, to discovering who I really am, to learning how to speak my true voice so that it is heard, to embracing being an empath and learning how to deal with it, to learning how to heal my body from within, trusting my gut whole heartedly and coming in and owning my own power. Her gift of helping people on multiple dimensional levels has literally transformed my life! I am the healthiest physically I have been in YEARS! I am stronger than I have ever been! My light continues to grow brighter with each passing session with her. She has shown me how to open myself to receive abundance in areas of my life such as, my health, my career ... with friends to all areas in life! I never knew that abundance could exist on this level ... Each session I can physically feel the changes that have transpired within me and energetically. I would highly recommend seeing Catherine! She is truly a blessing!"

Joan, Certified Hypnotherapist

   "It gives me great pleasure to give a testimonial for Catherine. I met her approximately 2 1/2 years ago. In that time she has helped me with several issues. I am so happy to say that everything is better on all fronts. I have been so happy with the results that I have personally achieved, that I have referred numerous clients to her. Everyone that I referred to her has come back to me and told me about their successes and expressed their gratitude that I gave them her name. Since I own my own business, my reputation is extremely important to me. I would only refer someone that I think very highly of. To me, Catherine is as close to a miracle worker as I have ever met!"

Pamela, Sound Healer, Create Your Vibe

   "Being able to communicate with beloved animals who have crossed over is an experience that is difficult to put into words, and I'm forever grateful to Catherine for sharing her amazing gifts. The work she does is so special. Catherine has an obvious passion for her work with animals and humans, and I remember very little of that quick 15 minute session because it was so enlightening and profound. I feel like I walked in being one person, and 15 minutes later I was forever changed. I knew I had found the perfect life coach to help guide me in the right direction in a few areas of my life. I describe her as a 'spiritual intuitive who will help you look within yourself to achieve your highest potential.' She is helping me to break some mental habits and beliefs from many years ago that no longer serve me, and through that process, a new belief system develops ... Her work is amazing!"


   "Wow. Just Wow. After working with Catherine yesterday, I feel as if a huge load has been lifted off my shoulders because of negative 'baggage' I've been carrying around for a number of years. I didn't even realize it! Her confidence in me has boosted my self-confidence to a level I haven't felt since childhood (I'm 66 now). Catherine is knowledgeable, compassionate, insightful, and non judgmental. I felt so emotionally safe with her because I knew she had a sincere desire to help me move past the obstacles in my life. I know I will see her again."

Jody, Mary Kay Sales Director

   "Catherine was called to my daughter, Amazing Gracie, while in the hospital in 2015. What a blessing she is in our life ... the work Catherine did with her was truly monumental in our journey. From the day I met her, she connected with Gracie and was instrumental in the direction of her care. There have many other aspects of my life about which I have inquired with Catherine through sessions, and she has helped me in so many ways. Can't imagine my journey without her."

Leslie, Accountant

   "My first session with Catherine was like nothing I have experienced ... During the session we discussed a lot of the trauma that occurred to me during my childhood which was difficult, but I left feeling lighter than I have ever felt before. I had no idea what had happened during that session but I wanted to have that feeling again. Now ... working with Catherine and I can honestly say she has saved my life ... She provides a safe, warm and compassionate space to work through physical, emotional and spiritual pains from life. I have never felt such peace and acceptance in anyone's presence and I am thankful every day."


   "Catherine is an AMAZING gift from the Universe. She is who I turn to for Spiritual Grounding and Tune up for the Soul. Her healing energy helps transform at a cellular level. My recent session with Catherine guided me to reach levels I have not previously reached in a very safe, loving and protected environment. I experienced a journey that will never be forgotten and I feel gently guided even in this moment by my angels & spirit guides to a wonderful place beyond words. Thank you Dear Friend, my Soul continues to Sing."

Christine, RN FNP Integrative Health

   "Catherine's work is phenomenal and life changing. With her gentle, powerful, multi mediums of treatment, uniquely melded just to suit each person, healing on every level of being occurs. As a medical professional, health and healing are my business. Stress created by negative emotions, attitudes, beliefs and repressed hurts are at the root of illness, physical, mental/emotional and spiritual. With deep compassion, Catherine expertly yet gently brings me to awareness and leads me down the path of creating new ways of being. Her Blended session and Soul Traveling have created sustained personal and professional growth while I feel so supported at all times."

Mich, Business Owner

   "I love this woman! She is completely dedicated to bringing peace to everyone she meets. I am continually amazed at her ability to guide me through whatever challenge has arisen at the time. After one session or phone call I am uplifted to a place of grace, and quickly gain the ability to move forward in a place of greater power and insight. I am so extremely appreciative of the gift of Catherine in my life; she is a vibrant and loving woman who lives her purpose and frees others to live their purpose as well. We are blessed by her, we are loved by her, we are more aware because of her. Love to Catherine!"


   "I have known Catherine for a few years. She taught me Tai Chi Chih and Reiki. She is a wonderful teacher. I've also experienced her gift of massage. Catherine infuses a deep healing into her massage along with a very loving, tender touch. She utilizes her intuitiveness to heal body, mind and spirit. She has helped me heal in several areas. For this I am grateful to her. Catherine is truly one of a kind. Namaste, Friend."

Marcy, Sociologist

   "The session was unlike anything I ever experienced, connecting me with authentic spiritual guidance and my True Self. Catherine is the gentlest most compassionate and wise healer I know. She has nurtured my healing and inspired my growth both personally and professionally. Each member of my local family has been personally uplifted by her warm touch and loving perspective as we traverse troubled waters. My students also are blessed by her. At times when I needed it most, I've received validation and encouragement to trust my evolving awareness of the teaching/learning process when it stretches the boundaries of traditional practices."

Cynthia, Business Owner

   "Catherine's Blend Sessions have had a huge positive impact on my life! Over the years her unique and powerful intuitive and therapeutic skills have transformed me with enormous personal growth and insights. I continue to value highly her special gifts, including her nurturing and compassion, and look forward to many more sessions with her!"

Michele, Business Owner

   "Catherine 'appeared' in my life at a time when I was grieving and broken hearted. When we first met, I literally felt pulled toward her. And even though I didn't even know what she did, my heart knew she was the one that could help it. Utilizing her various abilities, and I mean various, Catherine help me discover how to heal. I truly feel Catherine was Heaven sent. I am so blessed to have been guided to many enlightening, healing experiences as Catherine's client and am extra blessed to now call her my friend. I know she is an Earth Angel."


"These sessions were powerful, therapeutic and spiritual. They gave me energy, calmness and the ability to receive and utilize good, positive energy, let go of any negative energy or depressing thoughts and concentrate on letting the chemo do its job and then let it flow out of my body. The one thing about chemotherapy treatments is the queasy, sick feeling that can sometimes arise even days after the treatment and the achy, painful (flu-like) symptoms that the routine booster shot can cause. Well, after my first chemo treatment and the booster shot the following day, my legs and arms were hurting something awful. This is when I went for my first treatment ... After that session, the pain simply went away, almost miraculously and there was no sickness."