Empowered INsight​

Catherine Millman


"From being a Medical Intuitive, to talking with

Angels & Guides, to having what some call Healing Hands

My life is truly a World of Wonder" 

Techniques to Try


You can use a pendulum, pencil on a string, a necklace with a pendant. The more relaxed you are, the easier the flow, and the more movement you may witness.

   1) Hold the end of the cord out in front of you with a relaxed arm

   2) Under the object, have the palm of your other hand about an inch below it while being calm and relaxed (Be sure to keep breathing!)

   3) After awhile, notice the object and see if it moves

The movement indicates your energetic flow. We all have an energetic field with prominent and smaller energy centers. These energy centers are known as chakras, which basically mean spinning wheels of Light. As the pendulum hovers over your palm (a smaller chakra energy point), the pendulum moves with the energetic flow of your body. Now, relax and watch your flow!


Start by taking a mental inventory of your physical and emotional body. Note your level of stress or relaxation and your depth of breath.

Now relax your neck, shoulders, arms, wrists, and hands. Be aware of your sensations and throughout this exercise, keeping your two hands apart without ever completely touching.

   1) Gently bring your hands in front of you about waist high, with a soft bend at the elbows. Bring your palms and fingertips facing each other

       about 8 to 10 inches apart. Maintain softness and breathe.

   2) Slowly bring your hands together, without touching, to about an inch or two apart with palms and fingertips equidistant apart. Now focus

        just on the fingertips and palms of your hands as though there is an invisible electric connection or light which joins your fingers 

        and palms.

   3) Slowly ... Slowly, bring them away from each other, keeping fingertips and palms equidistant apart to about 8 inches, keeping your relaxed

       focus on the invisible connection between the two hands.

   4) Again, bring them together without touching, focusing only on the palms and fingertips, as though they are connected, and bring them

       comfortably close. Remember to breathe.

   5) Now slowly draw them away from each other and then slowly back again ... only focusing on the fingertips and palms. Continued this

       relaxed focus a few more times.

   6) When you’re ready, bring your hands a little closer together without touching and pulsate slowly your hands back and forth – 

        again without touching and visualizing the invisible connection.

What do you notice or feel? Is there a tingling, pulsating, stretching or marshmallow consistency in or between your hands? If so, this is a common experience of tangible energy. If you feel nothing, that's OK too. There is no right or wrong. Only an opportunity for a new experience. The more this technique is practiced, the more in-tune you become.


   1) Practice the FEELING THE ENERGY technique again, only this time the focus is for personal healing. It is beneficial to keep an open mind.

   2) Once you have practiced the Feeling The Energy within the space between your hands, feel an experience or memory you wish to embody.

       It could be the essence of love, acceptance, peace, relief, the memory of optimal health ... Whatever it is you wish to experience, emote that

       feeling as deeply as you desire.

   3) Now envision placing that feeling in the space between your hands, of which we shall call an 'Energy Ball'. The more you can connect 

       with the feeling you desire, the stronger it becomes within the Energy Ball.

   4) Move your hands, along with the Energy Ball, into a place within you which would benefit from this feeling. For example:

       A) You can place the emotion of Love into the Energy Ball. Once it is holding the essence of Love, place it into your heart.

       B) Bring forth the energy of Relaxation. For most people, the neck and shoulders would benefit greatly.

       C) If you are uncomfortable or experiencing pain somewhere in your body, infuse the energy of Relief, coolness, warmth, flexibility, etc.

            into the Energy Ball and place it where it would benefit you.

       D) If you are unable to physically reach the area you desire, envision the Energy Ball traveling to the perfect spot and soaking in.

   5) Practice this for and within yourself. 

The results might surprise, if not astound you. The possibilities are Limitless


This process offers intuitive guidance … Your future is in your hands!

Please be advised that psychic reading cannot predict, forecast, diagnose, or provide information with absolute certainty. No guarantees or assurances of any kind are given and Catherine Millman will not be held accountable for any interpretations or decisions made by recipients based on information provided during readings.

For medical concerns, please consult with a physician. For legal matters, please contact an attorney or law enforcement