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"From being a Medical Intuitive, to talking with

Angels & Guides, to having what some call Healing Hands

My life is truly a World of Wonder" 

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Empowered INsight Sessions

Your holistic session has no limitations of space or time. It includes a variety of healing techniques utilizing Heightened Intuition and can include Medical Intuitive and Medium insights. On some level your session begins once your appointment has been made.

Empowered INsight Sessions can work in tandem with, and support one's spiritual beliefs, psychotherapies, 

Traditional medical professions, and the sciences, or be completely independent from them

Frequent experiences from Empowered INsight Sessions are:

• Release of physical and/or emotional pain or trauma

* Deep insights

• Assistance with diminishing or overcoming addictive patterns

• Peace

• Confidence

• Conflict resolution

• Healthy boundaries

• Ignite greatness and inspiration inside of oneself

• Gain understanding of your pet's behavior

• Medium: Contact with someone who passed on. This gentle process assists with clarity, understanding, and offers peace of mind

• Spiritual connections: Angels, Guides, and Higher Consciousness. It may include bridging communication for those with special needs,

  dementia, and those in a coma or hospice

We start with a simple intake form which includes general information, pertinent medical history, and your goals. Your goals and/or something greater are the focus of our session. Once the goals are established and the form is complete, your personalized session begins.

I approach your session in a way which works best for you:

1) Quiet - A silent session

2) Highlights - A top level approach

3) Everything - An in-depth approach which may encompass details of the tools and techniques being applied

At any time you may ask to receive more or less information. At all times, you are in charge as to what topics are, or are not discussed and the degree in which we discuss them.

Recording the session - This option is completely your choice and it would be on the device (usually ones phone) you choose to bring. Many find it helpful to review their session. Since I generally do not retain the information it can be a useful reference point. Oftentimes the recording begins with the goals of your session and then the session itself.

The flow of a session:

In person, you would lie completely clothed on a massage table. The types of therapies include a wide array of healing and intuitive techniques which include Light, crystal, aromatherapy, and vibrational therapies. I utilize my Empath ability to quickly get to the core of the work we shall do together. The interactive session feels timeless at times and may seem like the time goes by quickly.

When we begin I connect with your field. Think of your field as a personal world wide web. This field harbors your life's experiences which have no boundaries of time. The next step is clearing your field, which basically means to create a clean slate, free of challenges you may have worked through and unhealthy connections from others who are connected or attached to you.

If you have questions or want clarity, be sure to ask them at that time. The information typically disappears from my consciousness as soon as the insights are relayed and when the session ends. A great deal of information, techniques to apply outside of our session, and resources are often provided.

Through intuitive guidance, a multitude of actions occur simultaneously. Blocks are revealed and transmuted. Positive dynamic change is brought forth, your personal power is enhanced, and a great deal more. Each session is unique because it meets you where you are at every point of time. This offers a healthy new foundation throughout our time together and progressively with each subsequent session. Once something is addressed, it is immediately in the past. The work is instantaneous and in the present moment of time. The positive changes ripple out affecting an intricate web of bio-energetic connections. No longer are you a prisoner of your past. You become a co-creator of your future!

Empaths physically feel what someone else is experiencing in her own body/system, therefore this work can go to core situations quickly. It can be physical, mental, and/or emotional. For me, it is irrelevant when the experience occurred. In addition, I work with many Empaths or Sensitives to assist them in managing their abilities and establishing Healthy Boundaries.

My intuitive work expands to the consciousness of one's Higher Self. I function as a bridge of communication. Utilizing these skills to communicate in a variety of ways, offers you an opportunity to move forward with greater ease, joy, and purpose in creating your life.

Whatever presents itself in our session is kept in the utmost confidence. The insights I receive are to the extent which assists you in achieving your goals and understanding. Once in a great while I will follow up with additional insights or remember components of it, but typically it waits for your next session. Oftentimes for those with trauma, the challenging emotions and their triggers can dissipate or disappear. The memory may still be there, but it no longer holds power.

The choice of when to schedule the next session is always in your hands. It has been my observation that those who choose this work on a regular basis make tremendous strides in their overall wellness and personal development. I also observe that once the session is 'in the books' i.e. scheduled, the energetic connections and shifts begin. In this way you are prepared for the work we will do.


Empowered INsight Sessions can be received as a distance treatment, scheduled in the office, and depending upon the proximity and situation, be done in hospitals, nursing homes, cancer support centers, hospice locations, and long term care or rehab facilities.


The Power of 3 session includes another healer who has similar skills as myself. The client, myself, and additional healer create The Power of 3. Most clients state that it feels like 3-5 sessions in 1. This type of session is generally requested by the client and often geared for those who wish to move energy quickly and deeply.


On occasion, therapies of Bodywork or The Blend Session (a combination of Bodywork and an Empowered INsight Session) are an option after one experiences an Empowered Session. Working with the skills of an Empowered Session often eliminates the need for physical work. As a Licensed Massage Therapist, skills from Reflexology, Acupressure, Cranial Sacral, Myofascial Release, Trigger Points, Deep Tissue work, etc., can be incorporated in either a Bodywork or The Blend Session.


To understand more about an Empath or Sensitive, go to the Heightened Intuition page, to view some of my favorite resources, go toward the bottom of the About Catherine page, and to experience an energetic field yourself, go to the Techniques to Try page

Empowered INsight Events

Contact Catherine at 314-795-7325 to arrange a speaking event or to provide on-going opportunities

To register, go to the Location, Scheduling, Payment, & Event Registration page

Empowered INsight Events are tailored to the audience. No two experiences are alike. My approach is sincere, engaging, authentic, Lighthearted, compassionate, informative, and interactive. Practical, everyday experiences are referenced for greater understanding, personal empowerment, and to create win-win-win dynamics. This work embodies all components of life in unique and engaging ways in new and expanded perspectives.

Ongoing Events:

Events and Readings:

The Miller Haus (A coffee shop, lounge, Event, and co-working space - dog friendly) Come early to explore!

2612 East Avenue, Wildwood, MO 63040



Specific Events include:

* Rising to Your Potential

* Manifest NOW

* Being an Empath and Loving It

* Enter the World of a Medium ~ Connecting with those who Passed, Angels, & Guides (Readings can be included)

* Past Lives & Soul Connections

* Narcissists - Don't be Manipulated

* Protection and Personal Empowerment

* Being a Sensitive in a World of Wonder

* Intuition Opening and Upgrade

* Near Death Experiences - Including panel discussions with those who had a NDE

* Higher Realms of Consciousness

Common topics incorporate:

* Principles to create win-win-win situations of Personal Empowerment

* Ways of Establishing Healthy Boundaries

* Medium: Ability to connect with those who passed on and/or Angels, Spiritual Advisers, and Guides

* Empath: Experiencing someone or something else's experience as your own 

   (this can include physical and/or emotional senses)

* Clairvoyance: To see clearly beyond one's physical vision and oftentimes through one's "mind's eye"

* Clairaudience: Ability to hear beyond the physical sense, which may include other's thoughts, Higher Realms,

   and Medium abilities

* Clairsentience: Ability to sense or feel beyond one's physical self

* Premonitions or Seer: Ability to tap into the future

* Sensitive: A heightened level of sensitivity which include all of the above

* Exploring which gifts or challenges are presented and HOW to effectively utilize the experience

Empowerment INsight Break-Through Journey

An Empowered INsight Break-Through Journey is the opportunity for profound core level transformation. Expect to experience a heightened level of living in an empowered and positive way. The phrase, “I don’t feel like myself” is a common and welcomed expression throughout our time together. Part of the journey is to shift out of old paradigm structures. Break-Through Journeys are accelerated continuous processes that may range from a 1-3 month pocket of time with life-changing results. The Journey is offered after receiving an Empowered Session and with my discretion due to its dynamic nature. Oftentimes goals of the Journey include specific components of:

· Overcoming fears and stuck spaces (mentally, physically, and emotionally)

· Transforming the past

· Rising above challenges

· Embracing personal empowerment

· Increasing levels of freedom

· Creating a fulfilling future

· Enhancing abilities

· Achieving success

Old triggers or issues can virtually disappear, and in its place are new elevated ways of being. Enjoy greater levels of understanding, focus, acceptance, and compassion, along with developing win-win-win outcomes. Confidence, a clearer vision, and tools to create your new life shall be at your fingertips or just a thought away.

We co-create specific enriching, achievable, and oftentimes, profound goals with an effective ebb and flow exchange. Its components are similar to an Empowered Session, although it is phenomenally more extensive than a one hour or so pocket of time. If you are a Sensitive (such as an Empath, Intuitive, Highly Sensitive Person (HSP), Psychic, Medium, etc.) and choose to have discipline with developing these skills, this too can be a component of your goals. To understand these components better, go to the Heightened Intuition page.

Once the goals and time frame is agreed upon, your investment and option to move forward is presented to you. At this stage, you can choose whether or not to proceed. In choosing to move forward, payment is made and we both have a signed, detailed copy of your Break-Through Journey. Then the journey begins!

Are you willing to do the work to experience a profound and dynamic life-changing shift? If so, a Break-Through Journey may be exactly what you have been looking for.


This process offers intuitive guidance … Your future is in your hands!

Please be advised that psychic reading cannot predict, forecast, diagnose, or provide information with absolute certainty. No guarantees or assurances of any kind are given and Catherine Millman will not be held accountable for any interpretations or decisions made by recipients based on information provided during readings.

For medical concerns, please consult with a physician. For legal matters, please contact an attorney or law enforcement