Empowered INsight​

Catherine Millman


"From being a Medical Intuitive, to talking with

Angels & Guides, to having what some call Healing Hands

My life is truly a World of Wonder" 

Heightened Intuition

* Can you tell ahead of time that something is, or is not, right?

* Do you have a sense of when something is about to happen?

* Are there times when you’re going about your day and suddenly have a change physically or emotionally?

* Have you ever noticed a strong gut feeling?

* Do you have a heightened sense of emotion in day to day living?

* Do you have trouble being in crowds?

* Do people come up to you and share profound or intimate details of their life? Especially people you don't know!

* Do you frequently hear: “You’re being too sensitive”?

* Are your dreams extremely vivid at times and feel real?

* Do you have a sense that someone or something is close by even though no one is perceivably there?

* Do you find yourself impacted by another person’s emotional or physical experience?

* Do you feel like you don't fit in or belong here?

If any of the above questions are true for you, then perhaps YOU are a Sensitive. I am an Intuitive, Highly Sensitive, Empath who happens to love learning about the sciences, spirituality, and the connection of life from an expanded perspective. Being a Sensitive is in my lineage and has been developed through years of training, research, and what I call “Gifts”. From being a Medical Intuitive, to talking with Angels & Guides, to having what some call Healing Hands … My life is truly a World of Wonder.

There are many categories, subcategories, and definitions of heightened levels of intuition, etc. I tend to group it all under the label of Sensitive, and at times relate to it, with the words, Intuitive or Empath. Virtually everyone has some level of these traits and the capacity to develop and manage them. 

Below are categories that I generally refer to and I have a strong degree of all of them.

Intuitive - Sensitive - Empath

What does it all mean?

Empath: An Empath is someone who feels and/or experiences someone, or the energy of something, else as their own. Oftentimes it is a sudden, immediate physical and/or emotional shift with no apparent reason.

   1) Physical: Feeling the pain, illness, or condition of someone else. For example, if an Empath walks passed someone with a headache, the

      Empath will suddenly have a headache.

  2) Emotional: Picking up on another’s emotions, oftentimes with a strong mood swing which seems to come from nowhere. Generally an

      emotional Empath is strongly affected by large groups of people, specific types of people, and usually are not comfortable with violence

      and anger, including TV shows or movies. 

  3) Psychometric: Picking up information, such as feelings and experience from objects, such as a ring, watch, photo, furniture, and buildings.

Intuition: A heightened sense of awareness or knowing. At times I will interchange the phrases of Sensitive, Empath, and Intuition. Intuition can include the ability to see "straight through someone", or basically knowing what kind of person someone is. Children are especially good at this!

Medium: My definition includes connecting with those who passed away, angelic realms, Higher Self or consciousness connections, and animals. Some of us literally 'see' those who are generally no longer or perceived to exist in this physical realm. For some, connection to these spaces are experienced in a dream state, when the dream feels quite real or visceral. Oftentimes these are messages from those who passed on or elevated realms. Animals and babies can also be aware of the presence of others that most people do not see. Notice how a baby or pet can be completely engaged in something you may not observe.

Psychic, Seer, Precognitive, or Claircognizant: Someone who has a “knowing” and/or feeling, without any base knowledge, that something is going to happen. They might feel a sense of dread or excitement, have a very clear or visceral dream, or have an idea of an upcoming event. Oftentimes they have a sense of whether or not someone is a good person.

Telepathy: The ability to know, hear, read, another’s thoughts and ideas. Sometimes it is verbatim, and sometimes it is a general awareness of what the thoughts are or mean.

Geomantic Sensitive: Someone who is deeply connected to the earth and oftentimes, significant changes on our planet, such as earthquakes, tsunami’s, etc. This can include feeling energy centers (strong pockets of energy like in Sedona) or the lay lines (energetic grids) of our planet.

Animal Communication: Includes the ability to hear, understand, and feel animals. Oftentimes when one is very connected with their pet, this ability can open or strengthen.

Connection with Plants (Flora): Those who seem in-tuned with nature or is exceptionally good with plants may be this type of Sensitive. This connection can include various physical and emotional components.

All of these traits can be independent of, or supportive of one's spiritual or scientific beliefs

Catherine's Perspective on Being a Sensitive

Highly Sensitive Person (HSP)

From my personal experience of being a Sensitive, it can be understood, managed and utilized for healthier living. Most people who are highly sensitive are not aware they have these traits. Approximately 20% of our population are Highly Sensitive People. Children are especially impacted by this because they do not have a point of reference for their experiences. Sensitives can be fine one minute and have a very different experience the next. The first tool I use in assisting a client is to ‘clear their field’. What this basically means is that I begin by separating the client’s unique signature/frequency from what is not theirs. From that point, we go over the indicators in discerning the difference between the clients unique signature to that of another’s. Together we find ways of deciphering which techniques work best to not ‘take on’ other people signatures. These signatures can include physical pain, emotions, and memories.

A Sensitive can unknowingly embody other signatures from virtually any source. The strongest connection occurs typically with people, but it can include objects and places too. For those of us with a very high level of sensitivity, time (when the situation occurred) is irrelevant. An example of this could be a strong feeling of elation for no apparent reason, although that feeling is occurring because something joyful or wondrous happened right where the Sensitive was standing weeks ago. Or conversely, when driving down the highway the Sensitive is suddenly feeling very sad and/or in pain. It is quite possible the Sensitive drove past a location where there was an injury.

These experiences which appear to come from no-where, can be especially hard for children because oftentimes their experiences are dismissed, been told they are wrong, or are asked: "What's wrong with you!?!" Generally they are quite frightened and may withdraw, put on a pretense, or act out. For children that 'see' people/energies that others do not, it can be terrifying. Trust me, what they are seeing is quite real even if you do not perceive it.

In a Sensitive's world, this is an everyday experience. Many will block their experiences to the best of their abilities, and therefore may seem quite distant or overly emotional. Many times a Sensitive receives a diagnosis to place them on medication, or possibly self-medicate through alcohol or other types of recreational drug use. Typically this numbs, to varying degrees, their ability to feel. From my experience in working with these individuals, it does not impact this ability, other than to dim the experience.

With all the above said, the positive traits of a Sensitive are many once the individual understands and learns to manage this Gift. Being a Sensitive can assist one in coming from a place of understanding, create win-win-win scenarios, diffuse situations, and be more compassionate. It can help one to make safe and appropriate decisions, especially in an unknown or all-to-familiar environment. Clear discernment can be at an all-time high. With the appropriate training, one can acquire the ability to tune down, turn off, adjust, or amplify the heightened awareness/experience. These abilities, when consciously directed, can offer the opportunity to develop great people skills and to come from a compassionate heart. The skills I teach are relatively easy to do and can be life-changing. I work with people of all ages. For children, I work directly with them and assist their loved ones in understanding the child's unique qualities and new ways to problem solve with them.

Everyone has the opportunity to heighten or manage these abilities. Some are born with a highly developed state, others become more sensitive as life goes on, and some block this ability (via trauma, being overwhelmed, medication, or a stubborn/stuck mindset). Often times it becomes highly activated in puberty or in a significant life-changing experience. If you want to experience the sensations of an energy field, go to the Techniques to Try page. If you are a Sensitive, know you have a choice of how the world effects you and the positivity you can bring to yourself as well as the world around you. There are tools to assist you in managing this and ultimately, it can be one of the greatest gifts in your life! You are not alone.  I can help.


This process offers intuitive guidance … Your future is in your hands!

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